ESO RECYCLING’s philosophy is fully identified with the recycling cycle and the awareness that the environment is a precious asset to be preserved. It is this awareness that has given rise to a project born of the desire to set in motion circular economy processes.

ESO RECYCLING with its pilot plant aims to offer its customers quality products, meeting their needs and respecting high criteria and characteristics in line with their expectations.

Sustainability is the basis for the economic activities pursued by ESO RECYCLING and influences its strategic horizon. Sustainability is the driving force behind the choice of pursuing a circular economy project: putting new products back on the market from what is commonly considered waste.

The valorisation that ESO RECYCLING attributes to its products represents an evolution from the traditional concept of recycling. ESO RECYCLING, in fact, does not limit itself to making new resources available to production activities – second raw material (MPS) that can be further processed to create new products – but, through its pilot plant, it produces and returns to the market finished products guaranteeing economic and ecological benefits.