Companies are complaining of increasing difficulties in waste management, with an increase in collection times by operators and an equally significant rise in waste management costs. The main reason for this situation is the lack of suitable plants in terms of size, number and waste processing technology. Few facilities, too saturated and sometimes unsuitable for real needs.

ESO RECYCLING has conceived and designed a new pilot plant that will make it possible to recycle sports shoes, inner tubes and bicycle tyres as well as tennis balls, valorising the individual components and creating new products.

The collected material will undergo the mechanical recycling process, which can be summarised in three main steps

  • sorting of the material into macro-cateories;
  • removal of ferrous materials;
  • sparation of the components.

This process will ensure that the rubber in the input material can be transformed into a second raw material and, at the same time, into a new product. Following the correct combination of recycled rubber with other binders, in fact, it will be possible to create impact-absorbing anti-trauma surfaces, useful for playgrounds or sports flooring.

This process characterises the only turnkey plant capable of generating such a completely recycled and waste-based product.

The creation of this pilot plant is not an isolated and unique event, but represents the first step of a broader strategy: the creation of a network of plants on the national and, subsequently, international territory that not only contributes to the reduction of the accumulation of waste in landfills but also implements actions of sustainable economy for man and the environment. The aim is to set up a series of plants throughout Italy that will help create jobs and raise awareness that mankind has a great responsibility to protect and preserve the environment.