ESO RECYCLING is committed to the re-introduction into the market of all those materials that would be waste, but in reality can have a second life, in the form of new products. ESO RECYCLING’s objective is to minimise environmental impact and divert materials from the landfill stream into a virtuous process.


We have embraced EU directives that require anyone managing and disposing of waste to prioritise processes that preserve human health and the environment.


With the soles of sports shoes that have reached the end of their life, for example, ESO, together with ESO RECYCLING, creates athletics tracks, La pista di PIETRO, and flooring for children’s playgrounds, such as Il Giardino di BETTY. With the material that makes up the upper, on the other hand, ESO RECYCLING, in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic, is carrying out experimentation to create thermo-acoustic panels for civil and industrial use.

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Il Giardino di BETTY

La pista di PIETRO