RECYCLING is ESO’s mission since 2009

ESO RECYCLING is committed to the re-introduction into the market of all those materials that would otherwise be discarded, but can actually have a new lease of life, in the form of new products. ESO RECYCLING’s goal is to minimise environmental impact and divert materials from the landfill stream to a beneficial process, which is:

circular for real

sustainable like nothing else

social and shared


The first in Europe

We process sports shoes, tennis and padel balls, bicycle tyres and inner tubes, and personal protective equipment (work clothes, gloves, protective helmets, safety shoes) into second raw materials under the esosport® brand and back to work® service of ESO Società Benefit.

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We walk in the right shoes

24 mld

Footwear produced every year in the world

90 %

Destined for incinerators and landfills

+ 20 %

Annual growth for sneakers

Sustainability and the reduction of non-renewable resource consumption are among the most pressing global issues. As human beings, we have left a strong imprint on the environment during this historical period. Exploitation of natural resources has an increasingly negative impact on the delicate balance of the planet. We must reverse this course.

Everyone has a responsibility to take action, from individuals to businesses.

We are there, ready to contribute!


Circular economy is a collaborative process!

  • As a result of a long search, we found partners such as Logistica Ambientale and ESO, who were already recycling running shoes, and we proposed that they do the same for safety shoes. It’s a team work and I am proud to know that, in our own small way, we have contributed to protecting the environment.


    Maxim Bulgac – Health & Safety Manager Amazon logistics centre in Vercelli


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  • In our Malpensa Hub, we have initiated a new upcycling project with ESO that will allow us to transform our old personal protective equipment into new materials and objects. Our accomplishments will be revealed in a few months!.


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  • For us, this initiative represents a virtuous example of circular economy and sustainability, replicable at a large scale. Our philosophy is to recover materials and recycle them, since the environment is an asset that should be preserved, and waste can be turned into a resource, reducing environmental impacts as much as possible.


    Luca Morabito, Project Manager and Environment Manager at E-Distribuzione


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  • We must work hard to create true circularity in the cycling industry. With the Vittoria Re-Cycling programme, we are taking an important first step. We promise that many more will follow!


    Stijn Vriends, Vittoria Group President & CEO


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No champion wins alone

Due to these reasons, ESO RECYCLING works with institutions and companies to implement virtuous processes, helping to raise the population’s awareness of environmental issues and improving their quality of life.