Circular – Sustainable – Shared

Circular for real

From a discarded object, from waste to new raw material to create something new. It is not possible to be more circular than this…

Sustainable like nothing else

Sustainability and reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources are the most pressing global issues.  Before we came along, the solution was landfill. We now take care of the upcycling of waste.

Social and shared

With us, waste that was destined for landfill comes back to the territory with a new lease of life to become part of a social context that cares about solidarity and the common good, such as playgrounds and sports facilities.

Our values

Our compass points straight to the circular economy, including precise points that represent our values.
An ethical, responsible and supportive way of doing business.

The environmental sustainability of our projects combined with social aims

Economic sustainability for you and for us

Product quality


Circular economy is a collaborative process!