With us, waste is a resource to be exploited, an asset that can be recovered and brought back to life.

How? Through a beneficial recovery and recycling process.
At our Amato Cannara facility in Tolentino, Marche, we take care of sports and PPE waste.

We are a Benefit Corporation

We believe that, in addition to economic profit, there are other factors that need to be brought into play. The creation of shared value, which, over time, has a social and environmental impact on the territory and the planet.

Our vision is:
•  circular
•  sustainable
•  shared

Our project dates back a long way

ESO RECYCLING has its roots in the entrepreneurial idea of Nicolas Meletiou, who, with his long experience in the industry, has always believed that waste could be turned into resources.
Even when there was no talk of a circular economy, Nicolas Meletiou dreamt and planned for the recycling and exploitation of office and sports waste.
The “recycling cycle” philosophy was a daily leitmotif. The driving force behind any initiative to give a second life to a piece of waste by diverting it from landfill.
In 2009, esosport® was launched, a project aimed at collecting and recycling used sports equipment throughout Italy, involving public administrations, companies and sporting goods shops and chains.
In 2018, back to work® was initiated by ESO Benefit Corporation to collect and recycle personal protective equipment used by companies.

We are an innovative SME

A company distinguished for its technological and organizational innovation capabilities. This designation is reserved for small and medium-sized enterprises that invest in research, development, and adoption of new technologies to enhance their industry and competitiveness in the market. That’s why working with an Innovative SME like ESO RECYCLING is so advantageous:

  • Constant innovation
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Creativity and originality
  • Sustainability


That of the circular economy

starting with the collection of used sports equipment with esosport® and the recovery of safety shoes with ESO’s back to work®, as well as the recovery of textiles, gloves, masks, helmets and goggles.
We recover, we recycle, we process to obtain new secondary raw material, with the aim of significantly reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.


made up of people like this

Helga Loessl

CEO/Web Marketing Manager

Nicolas Meletiou

Managing Director

Fabio Sturani

Sport environmental Strategy Advisor

Luigi De Nardo (POLIMI)

Technical & Scientific Advisor

Fabio Conti

Environmental Engineer

Andrea Palombo

Tolentino plant “Amato Cannara” Plant Director

Fabio Scaramucci

Tolentino plant “Amato Cannara” Technical Plant Director

Emanuela Morichetti

Tolentino plant “Amato Cannara” Front Office

Babacar Sene

Tolentino plant “Amato Cannara” Warehouseman

Eleonora Olariu

Tolentino plant “Amato Cannara” Warehousewoman

Francesca Milozzi

Tolentino plant “Amato Cannara” Warehousewoman

Gianluca Taborro

Tolentino plant “Amato Cannara” Warehouseman

Giorgia Oliveti

Tolentino plant “Amato Cannara” Warehousewoman

Sead Osmani

Tolentino plant “Amato Cannara” Warehouseman

Nunzia Vallozzi

Web Content Creator