Going one step further

One important aspect we have always considered within our vision is the recovery of an asset, the desire to put exploited waste back into circulation through a transformation.


Let’s go back to 2009 when the esosport® brand was launched. Even then, the idea of sharing, and of recovering a material and giving it a new meaning, stimulated us to find new solutions on a daily basis.

Costruisci la tua strada® (build your own path) is our claim, plain and simple.

The message identifies the type of contribution we can make to the environment through the simple act of recycling used sports material: sports shoes, tennis and padel balls, bicycle tyres and inner tubes.

We strive to put it back into circulation, giving it back to the region and to society.

Through which projects?

Playground surfaces with shock-absorbing flooring
Il giardino di BETTY®”, a type of playground that can be found in many Italian cities. Outdoor play spaces where children can have fun. Made to measure for your needs.

Athletics tracks
La pista di PIETRO®”, an athletics track dedicated to the unforgettable sprinter Pietro Mennea. A movable or fixed structure.

You choose how to install it!

Not to mention:

Sports flooring
Shop seating and accessories
Modular, removable tiles that can be used in construction
Household items
Fashion accessories

A single, integrated vision and supply chain

ESO RECYCLING manages the entire supply chain: from collection throughout Italy with the logistics of ESO Società Benefit and the local presence of esosport®, to the transformation into secondary raw material and the production of the finished product at the Tolentino plant. Furthermore, through the ESOweb service, we are able to track and control the journey of waste, with the creation of three new functional services to assess environmental efficiency:

Traceability of waste

The service includes the identification of the individual parcel collected from the waste producer, by means of a QR Code. This accompanies the waste to the recovery plant. Followed by the registration of the various processing stages and the processing into batches of raw materials and finished products.
The ESOweb portal allows traceability and retraceability of processes and the processing undergone.
As an add-on, the recording of movements on an immutable database via the AWS QLDB service can be requested.

LCA – Life Cycle Assessment

Thanks to the information obtained from the ESOWEB waste traceability software, the service allows the preparation of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in accordance with international standards UNI EN ISO 14040 and UNI EN ISO 14044.
From this, it will be possible to determine the environmental benefit, in terms of kg CO2eq, due to the use of the recovered product by ESO that prevents:
•  the incineration or landfill disposal of the waste;
•  the production of virgin raw material.

Carbon footprint

The service allows, with the help of a specific tool, the quantification of CO2eq emissions associated with the life cycle of a product/service, providing the user with a decision-making tool useful in reducing the environmental impact of the products/services offered.