The Recycling Cycle: Transforming Fashion Waste into Sustainable Resources for the Future!

22 June 2023


Open your eyes and immerse yourself in a new concept of end-of-life for fashion products. Let’s abandon the idea of throwing them in landfills and embrace upcycling as an innovative solution. Welcome to our journey towards sustainability!


[Made in Italy]

In the heart of the marvelous Marche region, our facility welcomes waste materials from the fashion world. Here begins the transformation: a process that embodies sustainable excellence, Made in Italy.



From unused fabrics and scraps to unwanted garments and worn-out shoes, we convert everything considered “useless” into a new secondary raw material: granules. This recycling magic transforms waste into a valuable resource.


[A Fresh Start]

This is the moment when everything comes to life: the “throwaway” products are reborn as shock-absorbing flooring for playgrounds and athletic tracks. Our commitment is to redefine fashion by bringing it into the world of urban design. But not only that: exhausted materials can be transformed into recycled products for various industrial sectors, such as automotive, boating, furniture, and even for use in insulation panels.


[Sustainability in Action]

Every step we take is a small contribution to the environment. Thanks to the transformation of waste from fashion products, we significantly reduce environmental impact, avoiding disposal in landfills and contributing to the preservation of natural resources.


[A Sustainable Future]

From now on, fashion no longer ends up in landfills but is transformed into something new and meaningful. Together, we can build a better world, one granule at a time, for a sustainable and vibrant future. The Recycling Cycle: our contribution to a better tomorrow!